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For Those Who Forgot About Dre

Our graphical analysis of the position taken by those foolish enough to forget about Dre (including countervailing evidence provided by Dr. Dre).

Featured in New York Magazine‘s Vulture, and on

(Large image here)


The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers

A taxonomic tree of over 100 wondrous powers and abilities, with over 200 superheroes and supervillains as examples thereof.

Thanks to Brooklyn’s own Bergen Street Comics for helping us with the research on this one, and also to the incredible Agent_M of Marvel Comics, for vetting.

Face front, true believer!


Lürzer’s Archive / 200 Best Illustrator’s Selection

It’s my great privilege to be featured in Lürzer’s most recent archive of illustrators. Their esteemed jury was composed of Dave Dye, Dr, Mathew Eve, Takahiro Kanie, Owen Smith, Anne Telford, Martijn Thijssen, and Michael Weinzettl. Thanks guys!


A Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music / Featured in Fast Company Design and Not Cot

From the pompadour to the moptop to the metal mane to whatever it is Lady Gaga has atop her head, here is a history of popular music, as told through haircuts.

The design was featured recently by Fast Co. Design and Not Cot. Pop Chart Lab is very grateful to be associated with these companies, who are not only brilliant, but so gracious and generous with their support.